Camp Hunt Memories: Sounds from 1969 via Andy T. Ritchie and the 1954 Banquet

The 1969 recordings were provided by Andy Ritchie. I will try to get more info to go along with them.

The 1954 tracks are mp3 files I made from an old reel to reel tape that my dad, F.M. Perry made in the summer of 1954. It is the entertainment from the Camp Hunt Banquet. I don't know who the emcee was and dad said he couldn't remember either. If you recognize the voice (or anyone) please let me know. I'm sure was there but I was four years old and probably would have been tugging at dad's pant-leg saying, "When's it gonna be over?" Now mind you, these are unprocessed sounds. I'm going to attempt to clean them up and make them more listenable. I will change out each one (and make a note) as I get them finished.

I hope they are enjoyable. JWP

Click on the top line to get the player started. It should play straight through the tracks. Alternatively, click on the titles to advance.

Camp Hunt Memories: 1954 Banquet

About the player: it is free software I installed on the site. I have tried all kinds of ways to post sounds and songs with varying results so I am trying this Flash Player. Follow the directions to start. Click on the tracks to change. The stop button is kind of small; it's the square button in the upper left.

Let me know if the player works for you.
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