Eddie Grindley Memorial Page

Message from Norman Bales, formerly of Albany, New York

You may certainly pass on anything about Eddie that I've written. I have lots of memories about Eddie. He was one of the most unforgettable people I've ever met. I'll mention a few.

When he came to visit our our home for the first time, I had a three year old son. When it came time to pray, Eddie dropped to his knees on the floor. My son was so impressed that he followed suit.

One day Eddie and I made the rounds of tenement houses in Albany. Eddie had a slide projector and showed scenes from Camp Hunt. After we made several calls, Eddie grew tired. He would start the slide show and fall asleep. By then I had heard his monologue enough to be able to present it, so I woulld just pick up where he left off.

As soon as the show ended, Eddie would come alive, and try to get parents to send their kids to camp. The answer was always the same, "We don't have the money for camp." Eddie would say, "Don't worry about that. Our heavenly Father has money." He would sign up a bunch of kids and then take a trip to Texas where he would explain to brothers with deep pockets that they had just been given an opportunity to be the Heavenly Father's distributor. The kids got to go to camp.

Another time, he and I were discussing a brother who was in deep trouble with the law. Both of us knew the brother quite well. After we had discussed the brother's prospect of imprisonment (which eventually took place), he said "Norman, let's pray for him." We stopped our dicussion right there and prayed. That made a deep impression on me.

Once I happened to be sitting beside Eddie at a luncheon. At one point during the meal, Eddie leaned over and said,. "Norman I have something I want to tell you." I got close to him so I could hear him whisper. He said, "I think you're wonderful." That was Eddie. He left so much joy. You'll notice I haven't forgotten than conversation even though it took place more than 40 years ago

Eddie told me about his experience in becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States. At that time, a person seeking citizenship had to express a willingness to bear arms in the defense of the country. When it came time for Eddie to answer that question, he said, "I would do anything for the country, but I don't believe Jesus would want me to kill anybody." Somehow he was granted citizenship.

The last time I saw Eddie was at the lectureship in Abilene. I asked him how he was doing. He said, "I'm barely here." Within a short time after that he was dead.

Thank you for awakening those memories.

I would encourage to create a memory page because Eddie was such a remarkable person.

May God bless your life and ministry.

Grace and Peace

Norman Bales

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