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From Bob Schwenker, counselor 1968-1973:

I worked with Andy at Junior Camp the summer of '98. I think that was my 1st taste of camp - I had an interesting occurance that was, I believe, a turning point/epiphany in my life.

On the night before the campers were to come I had the "great idea" to blow off some fireworks that I had brought with me!! I had never been to camp as a camper and I guess I wanted to establish my "manly prowess" with the group. I decided, (with the help of several counselors - David Stowell, Kevin Potter, Scott Fore, Kerry Dart - I think were part of the group)to blow up an M80 next to the girl's counselors cabin (in the old/original girl's area in the front of the camp property). I could not believe that it got not even a peep from the girls. Discouraged that we didn't get any response from the girls we went back to our tent and continued goofing off - and even blew off a roman candle out the tent door opening (this proved to be our downfall)

The M80 blast was heard by Andy - he apparently thought it sounded like a shotgun blast and of course went out to investigate. He saw our roman candle display and made his way down to the boy's area. I will never forget what he said - He raised the back flap of the tent and said he wanted lights out in 1 minute and he would deal with us in the morning -before he could finish we were silent, scattered and thinking we were going to be sent home in the morning.

I learned several things - one, the power of letting an individual think about things for a while before dealing with them. two, if we (I) had been sent home I am certain that I would have never returned to camp and probably would not have gotten into education. three, if we had been sent home there would not have been a junior camp.

The first of many very interesting occurances that happened to me at Camp during my 5 years ('68-'73).

From Hugh Liddle Jr., a Camp Hunter in the 1950's:

I just wanted to let you know what tremendous memories your albums have brought me. The pictures and comments about my dad and mom are especially meaningful. My dad was an incredible man. I've passed the albums along to my mom, Treece and Keith, and I know they will enjoy them as well. I'm living in California now. My main memories of Camp Hunt are evening softball games, great singing and preaching, buying Sugar Babies at the canteen, Sadie Hawkins Day...loved getting chased by the girls...and morning tent inspections!
Hugh Liddle Jr.

From a former camper, counselor and Bible teacher:

I am getting old. This fact was driven home when I taught Bible class this summer at camp. I had been a camper in the 60's and 70's, staff in the 70's and 80's. After a 22 year break I was back. The director, Ed Grant and his wife Jeanie had been campers and counselors when I was on staff. I had their daughters in Bible class this summer. Dave and Diana Owens (Dave is now managing director) had been campers and counselors when I was on staff and now I had their daughter in Bible class. Last but not least I had the daughter of one of my very first campers (Lori Brooker Patrick - '75) as a Bible student. In the case of the Owens I even went a generation back with Glenn and Kathryn Olbricht. I am now old enough to be working on my third generation of Camp Hunters. Despite reading glasses, two knee replacements and having to dye my hair I never felt so old until this summer at camp. Who knows, my Bible students were all teens. I just might be around when their kids come to camp.
Kathy Page Applebee

From a former camper:

I went to camp from about 1966-1974. It was always a great summer. Spiritually it made a huge difference for me; probably one of the biggest impacts of my life. I live in Tupelo, MS and have worked many summers at the Maywood Christian Camp in Hamilton, Alabama. So I still believe in the impact that a Christian camp can make in a kid's life.
Beth Rowley Smith

Message received from Patty Case Roberts:

My parents were co-founders of Camp Hunt, along with George and Irene Gurganus. They have both passed away now - they were Lewis and Peggy Case. We used to have loads of slides of Camp Hunt. Dad told me before he died some stories about it all, how they bought some property in Hubbardsville by buying old houses for $100 each. Then they dismantled them and rebuilt them as cabins and a camp kitchen. He told me Eddie Grindley would drive a carry-all into NYC to pick up the kids. Eddie raised money for the camp while Dad, George, Irene, Mom and others ran the camp. They moved to Texas in 1951, so they weren't involved after that. Eventually they wound up in Oregon. Mom died in Eugene, OR in 1981, and Dad died in Anacortes, WA in 2002. Thank you for your site! It's great.

Read Patty's 1998 bio of her dad, E. Lewis Case

From Janetkay Gurganus:

Hello there, My niece Angelyn Pennington recently discovered your site. What wonderful memories it brings back. You know that my Dad also wrote a book, Christian Camps that also has a lot of infromation about the founding of the camp. I was so sad to hear that Lewis and Peggy had both passed away. I remember I called his Dad, "Somebody" and I loved to follow him around. Camp Hunt holds many dear memories for our family. Lynette and I spent most of our suumers in childhood at a camp that Dad either founded or was involved in. Camping was one of his greatest loves. We would love to hear more stories about him. We miss him dearly since his passing twelve years ago. Mom is is San Diego and would love to have people email her. We are so happy you put this together. Janetkay Gurganus

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